Our Mission

At Coffee Certified we believe in the power of giving back and we fully support the Unstoppable Foundation “Sponsor A Village” program.

It is a charity near and dear to our hearts as we have all contributed to this charity prior to starting our Coffee Certified journey.  Our goal is to continue to support them with your help.  With every order to any of our coffees we will donate $2 to the Unstoppable Foundation on your behalf!
The UNSTOPPABLE FOUNDATION believes every child has a right to an EDUCATION.  With your help, it will be a REALITY.  Just $1 a day, helps educate a child and provide life-saving services to her and her entire family.
Did you know that 57 million children around the world live without access to even a basic education? Let's change that together--one village at a time.
57 million children around the world are not attending primary school, 43% of those children live in Africa. Most of the children, women, and men in Africa are living in absolute poverty with no hope of uplifting themselves, or their communities out of poverty, without our support. Together we can TRANSFORM that outcome, and give an entire community the resources they need to become self-sustaining.



The Sponsor A Village 5-Pillar Development Model tackles the five primary causes of poverty through a holistic, effective and cooperative program that removes the obstacles to educating children while providing vital support to facilitate and sustain community development.
The five areas or “pillars” are: education, clean water & sanitation, food & nutrition, healthcare and income training & empowerment.
Through the innovative Sponsor A Village program the $25,000 raised will help an entire community. with the construction of a schoolhouse plus the necessary tools to implement the 5 pillars crucial to lifting communities out of poverty. Each of the 5 pillars are designed to be owned and maintained by the community and self-sustained within 5 years after project implementation.
Please watch the video below to see how the Sponsor A Village model works and where 100% of your donation goes:

Thank you for ordering from us and helping us to change the lives of others! It is greatly appreciated by us all here at Coffee Certified…